Dear friend,

herewith we ́d like to share this collection of eternal songs with you. My “compañeros” and I established PIPERO some years ago, curious to represent the poetry of SouthAmerican songwriters. All of us, musicians from Germany,Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Peru and Chile, come from diverse musical genres, such as classical, jazz and folk music.We dedicate our work to the Nueva Trova, the voice of  the young generation ́s resistance and fight against the repressive and dictatorial regimes in South America during the last five decades.In those days the songwriters in many cases had to exile or even became arrested, tortured and killed because of their call for freedom, free speech and open societies.Nowadays we face again the same situation in many countries all over the world. With this recording we take a stand against this development and for all people who are persecuted for their thoughts and their way of life.We dedicate this album to all of them.Hoping you may enjoy our music I ́m sincerely Your ́s