Years ago we started to play together just for our fun. And we still do so today the same way. It is an enormous pleasure to come together and to arrange and rehearse songs until they would get a certain “pipero´ish” sound and groove. In our own vocabulary we love to call it: “la piperización” – the piperisation of the music we choose.

We that is: german Wolfgang Weigel (voc, guit), Rómer Avendaño from Venezuela (voc, guit, cuatro venezolano), Erick Paniagua from Bolivia (bass), Tomás Monteagudo from Cuba (trumpet, fluegelhorn), Frank Vidal from Perú (percussion) and Andrés Cabrera from Chile (percussion). And there is always WW´s son Jan Weigel, great musician, drummer,composer, producer, multi – instrumentalist, cooperating as an advisor, friendly but incorruptible critic.